Have you noticed how incredible it is to be "here"? We go from childhood to adolescence and progressively we allow everything to be so normal; we forget about water, food, air, our thoughts become banal and the flame of life diminishes, we encapsulate ourselves in the ideas and emotions that hide the essential miracle of life, our internal waters stagnate and become It is forming a great layer of dirt generated by external phenomena and internal events, we forget who we really are in the desire to build multiple personalities that inevitably die with each display of superiority and inferiority. We try to build ideas by running and running, believing that we are arriving somewhere, looking for happiness in experiences, objects, relationships and in front of our heart and within it, the water runs, transforming, simple, transparent, refreshing, showing us without any intention of show us that it is simply here; Yes, that water that we use daily, to wash our hands, to dirty the rivers with each flushing of the toilet, to drink, that water that runs through our entire body, that that arose from your mother and your father that made your existence possible .

Drop by drop it falls from the sky, runs through streams, descends mountains, crosses valleys, settles in the immensity of the ocean, returns to the skies, seems insignificant, goes unnoticed by people who have it all the time available a few steps away. your bed and a great commodity on the market for minds that have no qualms about putting a commercial value on life, What would become of the man without water? This question may have been asked by those who have made a market out of the purest elixir of life, as far as the egoism of the human being has reached; Take advantage of the nobility of such a pure elemental to satisfy your personal whims, water is on this earth for all beings, being aware of the precious liquid makes us aware of ourselves, you reflect on it.

Water has the great power to regenerate, clean, transform, that power is in you; you are water, water makes you and undoes you, be grateful for water, be grateful for life, take care of it and so it takes care of you; make water an inspiration for your life simply watch it run, it flows silently carrying in itself an enormous force with the power to destroy any barrier that gets in the way of its natural flow and to transform a seed into a monumental tree, simply be free and Transparent like water, make it your medicine, your inner strength, receive it with gratitude, it is a pure and simple gift that the creator gives us.

Refresh yourself in the water, move your internal waters do not allow them to stagnate and become a quagmire of anger, envy and greed, work tirelessly so that a spring full of life flows inside you and likewise your surroundings will be transformed, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy without further delay the mystery of creation. We are in the time of awakening consciousness, do not be confused by the large number of spiritual offers that make you believe in super human powers or in the realization from various practices, awakening is simply realizing life, simplicity of the elementals; wake up to the miracle of existing, if you look for a guru in the water itself you will find it.   

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