Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

In the search for self-knowledge, I frequently planned to go into the forest to listen to the birds, look at the stars, breathe fresh air, a place away from the noise of the city, in those days a friend invited me to a mountain with a hint of jungle and imposing, I decided to accept the invitation to an unknown trip but it looked very interesting, we spent the night in a humble house, rest a little because anxiety, expectation did not let me sleep, some worries came to my mind but I did not pay attention to them it was pure attachment In the past, we got up very AM and a car was waiting for us to leave us at the place where we would start walking towards the top, the lights of the houses were seen more and more far and few, the driver left us in a lonely place and He gave us his good wishes on the trip, we started walking and we came across an incredible source of water that came from the top of the mountain, I felt the force that the water contained and I drank it with the pr The opposite of climbing with that strength to the top of the mountain in body - mind - spirit.

The road got quite steep, vines and leaf litter abounded, the terrain was smooth and quite steep, it was just a short time before dawn but it seemed that the night was eternal, a downpour accompanied us until the sun rose, we stopped to rest and noticed everything very alive, colorful, we ate some nuts and continued walking, the panorama was clearer, the movement of everything manifested drop by drop, forming between heaven and earth, the wasteland began to reveal its purest essence Each time I gave myself fully to the landscape, my legs ached, my body - mind wanted to break, but what did not break was the firmness in my heart to recognize my own essence, the mountain was manifesting itself and I was listening to the subtle dialogue in everything that was presented in front of my entrails, aroused a deep joy and appreciation for life, the moor was manifested as a little piece of heaven, a sacred temple of life, a source of water.

The moors are the clear manifestation of the constant cycle of life nurturing life, respect for this ecosystem and others is key to reencounter with our own nature, free of judgment, selfishness, the call in these times is to return to the path of our ancestors, why pretend to populate Mars if it is here on this planet where we have what we need to live, we pretend a lot but life is simple like water, beautiful like the wasteland, happy like birds, abundant like the sea, then why not to risk shedding all the belongings that bind us and thus contemplate life without masks without filters, free is natural. I spend a moment and I was already at the top contemplating the longed-for sky, recognizing my presence in the eternal moment, waiting for the cycle of death - life wrapped in eternity, I returned home with the clearest purpose of my passage on this planet, respect for life, for trees, stones, plants for all that exists unconditional love.   

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