Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

The constant change of the climate in the wasteland reflected the movement of life, my body was already adapting to this phenomenon, I felt that it was an extension of everything I could see, smell, hear. With his senses awake, he distinguished how the fog appeared silently embracing everything in its path, generating a state of stillness that calms any thought or interference that is not part of what "It is". The sun surprised when it arrived with its sweet rays, the fog vanished in the shining green mantle and the flight of the birds over the horizon caught my attention; the relationship of flight with the wind and song, led my perception to a group of clouds that wavered at a subtle rhythm, the birds swooped down and disappeared into a mysterious forest. My mind began to generate noise, thoughts of the past disturb the feeling of peace, the storm was approaching collecting clouds in its path, dancing with the wind. Without expecting anything, the sky shook, I was surprised to contemplate such a majestic event; Panic tried to hug me, I was breathing hard, fear was gathering strength and I let go of even my breathing control. I watched the air pass through my nose effortlessly, touching each cell, activating, regenerating, remembering. I danced with the clouds straight into the storm, a restless shadow tried to pull me out of the moment, but the feeling of continuing "here" in silence was stronger. In an inflection of my eyes, the clouds were integrated into the majestic storm.

Thunder rumbled for about several kilometers, while the wind was appeased by the drops of the sky that did not take long to fall. I took shelter under a huge stone, it seemed that this storm was going to last an eternity; I calmly inhaled the pure air of the environment and forcefully exhaled all those thoughts, emotions, feelings and attachments that did not let me Be. Those that had me trapped in the darkness of fear and it was time to let go. Time seemed to stop and a stunning shock momentarily shut off all my senses; A lightning bolt had fallen on the stone in which I was sheltering, my mind was transported to another dimension or perhaps to the very heart that creates everything, I could perceive the space without limits in its full immensity, without form, without identity, emptiness ; observing the thoughts that the mind keeps as cassette Of reproduction. The perception was clouded and a noisy storm formed in this space, a lightning bolt took me directly to a palm house where a smiling old man was sitting, the grandfather was speaking a language that generated a mystical and jungle feeling. His words translate the song of a resounding bird, announcing a new day. The communication between the bird and the grandfather propagates symbols that evoke ancestors of the jungle; birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and plants that manifest. The grandfather, guardian of everything that exists, began to transform into an imposing jaguar and the ceiling that previously seemed like palm trees was now the sky itself, an infinity of stars in empty space.

An incandescent light took me out of the dream, I opened my eyes and was aware of my physical body. Dislocated, the storm had passed and the sun was shining to the west, a few minutes had passed in the Gregorian calendar but it seemed that it had traveled to the present past through thousands of years. Amazed by this vision generated by the forces of nature, I checked every part of my body and it was intact. I felt a lot of strength, yet my head was shaking with pain and I couldn't ignore my thirst; I sat down with a willingness to meditate and listen clearly to the heartbeat, which at a calming rhythm reminded me of my existence. I opened my eyes and a small hummingbird alighted in front of me with its static flight, it moved to my side, guiding me towards a relaxing sound, a beautiful spring that flowed from some quartz stones, I drank a little and the pain was diluted in the purity of the water.   

The sky that is now completely clear together with the sun that falls to the horizon, reveal the threads of water that reach the ocean, as well as the home of the spectacled bear, hummingbird, deer, puma and those beings that inhabit this place. its passage and thousands of stars shine in the sky, the thoughts of what happened in the afternoon appear and disappear like clouds, despite this, nothing could disturb that moment of full communion. I spent the night near the spring, I felt I was resting in the sky, the longing to contemplate the sunrise woke me up with the renewing change from night to day. The birds sang announcing a new sun, which appeared revealing the life of the environment, the flowers are shining and the perception becomes clearer, shedding several veils from my eyes. Getting ready to return to "civilization", I realize that nothing belongs to us, not even our own life. Man has fallen into selfishness and greed, but the message received is deep care and respect for Mother Earth. There is nothing to save when we are aware of our own existence, the forces of nature respond according to the treatment we give to the life-giving mother, it is natural law; the hope that the jaguar will continue to walk through the jungles lives in the sensitive heart of those who have a vision of unconditional love for all that exists.

I returned to the city and met the man who had introduced me to the ancient medicine of the jungle (mambe and ambil). I told him about my experience and he, surprised, handed me a ball of cold tobacco; He mentioned some words in a language similar to those of the grandfather of the vision and concluded by saying: "My ancestors are waiting for you in the territory, are you willing to travel to the heart of the Amazon jungle?"

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