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· Coca leaf

Hayo, kuka, coca, erythroxylum coca, is a native plant of South America, has vitamins, proteins and minerals, has great benefits for physical and mental health, focuses energy. The native peoples of South America say that they are children of this sacred plant, they use it to concentrate on work, walk, thank the universe, this plant is present in the dialogue, that is the legacy that the ancestors have left, they affirm that This plant has a sweet word, a word of life. A sacred plant that grows and is preserved in the tradition of this continent, each people has its way of relating to the plant, its ritual according to myth, recorded in time, written through the generations, in this present the plant us it has brought the possibility of interaction with worlds of millenary knowledge, it shows us the beauty of the mother and reminds us of unconditional love for all that exists. 


The mambe is an ancient medicine, its origin comes from the mysterious Amazon jungle, it is a very fine green powder, made with coca leaf and ash from the Yarumo leaf, its preparation is pure alchemy, a process that requires discipline, concentration and determination, the men in the jungle prepare this medicine daily in the afternoons, a practice to cultivate; the connection with the earth, with its own essence, this medicine vitalizes the energy and makes it flow throughout the body, it is used to cure any type of disease through traditional doctors, it is an appropriate medicine to share the word, the Grandparents refer to mambe as sweet coca because of the sweetness of the word that flows through Uno.

In the tradition of origin of the mambe people gather in the ceremonial center to share medicine, today medicine has arrived in the cities accompanied by grandparents who share this science of millenary knowledge to remember our roots, through this medicine is He speaks so that the flow of vital energy continues, so that clean waters, pure air, fertile land, and living fire endure.

The mambe is always accompanied by ambil or cold tobacco, they are a complement to each other. This medicine provides enough calcium, incredibly benefits all body systems, balances energy, awakens a deep sensitivity for all existing beings, puts you in a contemplative state, fully awakens the senses, it is the medicine that our ancestors left us to remember that life is tasty, that the word must be clear, consistent, clean of heart.   

* To learn more about the mambe, a word circle is proposed

Ambil or cold tobacco

Tobacco is native to South America, an ancient plant that is used for healing works, connection with the essential force, this plant is used as hot tobacco when it is inhaled up to the throat, the intention of meditation is already set, cold tobacco or ambil is the pure essence of the plant, it is accompanied by mambe, its texture is creamy and licks which generates saliva in the mouth to form a ball of coca that is gradually integrated into the body, its preparation requires an arduous process work, it is mixed with two other plant elements, it is an excellent antiseptic, it provides clarity of thought, its relationship with the primary source of creation is clear for the peoples who know of the origin of this medicine, it has allowed them to fully relate to the forces of nature, with the elements, with all existing beings.   


It is how mother earth is named in Quechua but beyond a term it is to remember our mother goddess of abundance, respect for her as the fundamental principle of the continuity of life in peace in harmony, indigenous peoples today exalt the value of love and deep respect for Pachamama, she is the one who gives us everything we need for life, if she is sick we ourselves get sick.

Atofe muruy

Also known as the Uitoto people, it is a town in South America, specifically in the Amazon region, it is the place where they have lived for thousands of years living in harmony with the hostile environment of the jungle, they preserve in their tradition a knowledge that has been hidden by the imposition of a single thought, but today they revive their tradition to share ways of life that are consistent with everything, the grandparents of this town are in constant dialogue with nature, remembering the deep respect for all beings, the jungle is their home and they take care of it with the legacy of their ancestors.



· Be wise

Being wise cultivates patience, understanding, compassion, the answers of life fall from the sky illuminating the way to the transition to the highest, in the communities the wise beings are the ones who through dialogue solve the situations that can be presented, his totem is the turtle that accompanies him as a symbol of strength and wisdom.

Be medicine

Being a medicine understands beyond the physical plane, only with its presence emanates healing energy that is vital for the healthy coexistence of all existing beings, knows about the medicinal plants that Mother Earth provides, so it has the gift of speaking with the clouds, the mountains, the rivers everything exists, its totem is the serpent with its power it is a channel of healing, of constant regeneration, of changing skin.

Be a guardian

Being a guardian is characterized by his strength and determination, his commitment to respect mother earth, he takes care of his family, the knowledge of the ancestors, the jaguar is his totem that gives him the spirit of vigilance and strength.


The gatherers walk through the jungle looking for sweet fruits, medicines, resins, construction materials, they run into incredible surprises in the woven jungle roads, their totem is the ant, for their tireless work with the community, physical strength and ability to move on the roads.


It is generally a men's job but women also do this work, it requires patience, a lot of skill when navigating and precision when fishing, the water wolf is their totem and represents group fishing and skill. to move in the water and the land.

· Craftswoman

It is a work of great creativity, subtlety and love, the combination of different fibers, colors, shapes, makes a collector have a great diversity of elements to make as an artisan or share with the woman to weave backpacks, baskets, kitchen elements, the spider is his totem, the fabric, represents his essence when it comes to representing a language with perfectly intertwined fibers.

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