Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

Every afternoon some young people from the community met at the mother house, there they prepared their mambe medicine (sweet coca) and they were learning next to their grandfather, they practiced songs, prayers, remedies, they consulted the wise man for advice; They cleared up doubts about the mysterious tangles of life, everything pointed to finding a way to undo the knot that does not allow us to enjoy the pure nectar of happiness. The grandfather smiled and with pleasure led them to discover the answers, giving them the tools to find a way to clear the bush and see clearly the reflection of the Being that leads to true happiness.

Immersed in the ambition of wanting to have power, of discovering something beyond, with the belief that that something would give me supernatural strength or gifts of riddling and control of the elementals, I was losing myself in the tangle of the jungle, the ego itself fantasized In such amazing discoveries and more and more the pure Being was enclosed, madness manifested itself as a sane character, polarity appeared and the mind jumped from one side to another believing to be in control of everything, creating a fantasy world that seemed to shine but really inside it was full of thick vines; I was losing myself, the ego was absorbing all the beauty, it fed on anger, pride, ambition, the advice only passed as a buzzing in my ear, I did not pay real attention, the ego made me believe that I could handle everything; Everything that he thought appeared but also vanished, he was not being happy, it was a state of happiness built by the same mind in order to keep the Being submerged in a great lie that did not allow the heart to see everything that creates it. 

A young man, on a night with a full moon, invited me to hunt and without hesitation the ego responded in a daring way, believing that he had the power to take the life of whatever appeared in the thick bush, I let myself be carried away and prepared what was necessary to go out in the small raft, that's where the plot began, the ego fell into fear of the immensity of the jungle, it was already regretting it, but there was something deeper that told me to continue, because there it should be. We began to row against the current of the imposing river, huge logs were going down that shook the raft, but that young man had the conviction to continue the march to enter a channel of calm waters, the journey through the enormous river seemed endless, the anguish was trying to collapse but now I was beginning to identify the false ego, I was screaming trying to convince myself, but the deep silence was stronger, we reached the channel and the noise stopped in the mind, now the jungle was heard clearer, I could see eyes shining everywhere, I perceived how the heart was beating, amazing animals passed by, stalking, fear was fading and likewise the ego, there was nothing to imagine, nothing to create. Suddenly I shone towards the shore and I saw a pair of huge eyes shining, it was a deer, I felt its noble presence and immediately the young man was alerted and directed the raft towards the shore, he took the shotgun and without basiling he pointed at the noble deer and He shot him right in the torso, the animal fled and the young man threw himself from the raft like a tiger, I took a machete and suddenly I was standing a few meters in front of the deer, the young man motioned me to keep calm, charged his shotgun and shot him again, but he was still steady, the pellets of the gun bewitch They seemed not to affect him, the young man in the eagerness to carry out the hunt spread all the gunpowder on the damp floor, he motioned for us to return, but when he saw the wounded animal I told him that he had a machete, the young man smiled and told me that my job at that time was to confront the animal; I simply surrendered to the moment and began to walk stealthily towards him from the side while the young man shone the flashlight on the wild face, there were a few meters to go and the deer turned his face towards me, we looked at each other from the front, time seemed to stop and the space fade away, I saw myself reflected in his eyes, the feeling of cruelty, of pretending to have the power to end the existence of a being had already disappeared, now I realized that the animal was giving itself with nobility and that I had no No choice but to accompany him to death, which is actually one more step in the cycle, it is an inevitable transformation.

Now I was finding out that who I thought I was was simply a construction of ideas and beliefs, now I was carrying in my arms the body of a deer that had given itself to provide food to the community, beyond judgment, it implies understanding and realize that it is the ego that has us destroyed. The ambition and fantasy of the mind has destroyed the jungles, the seas, the mountains, the rivers, but now we are waking up, it is time to look inside and hunt for the mirror that has tried to take over this beautiful planet that we share.

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