The empty word

La palabra vacía

The constant murmur was unbearable, voices coming from the same voice were projecting each image, each event; It was barely five in the afternoon and the voices defined precise details of the sunset, the burning fire, the clear sky, ancient songs. A meeting of humans was gestured around the fire, it burned in a fraternal embrace with the elemental, each human punished his word and themes of life, death, healing, transcending, awakening, taking care of the common home were gestated; thus the voices were manifesting deeper from, words that were giving understanding to the mind to settle in the lap of the heart.

Each human was releasing through his voice his personal history, his desires, regrets, guilt, everything was transmuting into the mysterious elemental, the insects roared announcing the night, the word did not die, all were manifesting something that felt like a discharge, the energy became more evident by diluting matter and time, leaving everything that clings to the plane of desires and expectations in a vacuum.

The word became stronger and stronger and so did the atmosphere; A noisy storm settled on the circle, lightning was heard, the downpour had no mercy, the only light that could be perceived was the fire that kept heat and calm in the face of such an event, the crying of some soon unleashed an uncomfortable tension in those present, voices were heard saying "it will not clear, we are going to get wet, we are going to die burned by lightning" the moment was distressing, it seemed that the storm was imperishable, the humans were not there, they implored that the tempest, the ego was surrendering to the forces of nature, voices of repentance were now heard for the unconsciousness in the care of the earth

Three men and three women sat in the circle, in an unshakable calm, they did not murmur a single word, their motionless body was seen in the reflection of the fire, watching the flames, the other humans had not noticed their presence until one of them intoned a wind instrument that evoked a clear and purifying sound that transformed the atmosphere, now the voices were not heard in hubbub, they were clearer and more concise, the environment was taking on other tones, the downpour was calming down, the thunder ceased; Thus the silence stunned the noisy mind, the word was emerging from the emptiness without effort, flowing, healing, creating.

The resignation invaded every idea, concept or thought, the fullness with the whole flooded the senses, the birds sang joyfully announcing the arrival of a renewing sun, the colors shone, the sounds of nature formed a melodious symphony, a happy man mentioned " Why long for heaven if we are in the "now voices of gratitude were heard, of relief sometimes that came from the deep" I ", the storm had scattered the" I am this "" I have "" I want. "

We are waking up and we have realized that we exist in paradise, we had created a hell of hunger, destruction, envy, greed, now the word is changed, the expression resounds “may the song of the birds last, may the imposing jaguar continue walking by the jungles, mountains and rivers, that the mountains turn green and that man continues to mention the sweet word that mentions a profound allegory for life ”.

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