Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

The jungle is quite a rugged territory, it demands a great deal from the body-mind; there you learn to cultivate trust, faith, respect, patience, love. Have you ever wanted to visit the Amazon and a simple taste was transformed into a call to reunite with my true essence, an opportunity to breathe under the lullaby of the most loyal guardians and breeders of the breath of life, listen to the song of the birds that evoke mysticism , To contemplate the landscape; an immeasurable place of fluctuating life. The environment demands freedom from the deepest attachments that do not allow us to see that we are One with nature, tests arise that work patience, the environment, you need to free yourself from fear all the time; a vastly hostile territory, the temperature is suffocating, mosquitoes abound, the danger is imminent; the jungle can easily catch you or maybe set you free. Giving up identification with the ego, the identity of the person is a wise choice, avoid wearing yourself out fighting against what Is. This space is truly magical, it lovingly invites you to cross the door and get out of the mold that you have built. starting from ideas and concepts that do not allow us to recognize that everything flows in full communion, a simple recognition that transforms the social and environmental problems that lie on the surface of matter.     

The jungle makes you look inside to understand the true value of what nature provides us outside, if there really is an inside or outside. The people who inhabit these lands are people of pure heart, they are children of Sweet Coca, Tabaco, Yagé; Children of the earth are recognized, in fact we all are, we breathe the same air, food sprouts from the earth, water falls from the sky, fire burns, it is easy to recognize it, magic lies in the elements and we are the elements themselves . The people who live deep in the jungle know magic, their understanding occurs spontaneously, it arises as a result of respect for life itself; each kingdom takes its place, we become part of the unlimited totality; The tree, the river, the mountain, the ant, the sloth, the human, we are substantial in this miracle that we know as life, neither is above the other, can something or someone be above what life itself is? ? Pretending to continue in the effort to break the earth, dam up the rivers, cut down the forests is an absurd act against ourselves, it is time to react and take care of what is still intact, the pacha regenerates itself, as its children do. What remains for us to do is to be aware of our own existence, to wake up to the radiance of life.

Connecting with the elemental awakens sensitivity, "environments like the ocean, the jungle, the mountains stabilize the internal waters", are the words that a wise old man mentioned, sitting in his chair under a palm roof, his words clear as water From a spring, he pronounced songs that generated harmony and his grandchildren hummed the melodies that mentioned life as a mystery that is not solved if not lived, the young people were alert to the teachings of the wise old guardian of the legacy of the ancestors. In this place they call Ananeko is where the community congregates, in the afternoons the grandfather takes stock of what is happening and sometimes dialogues with the spirits of the forest, negotiates with beings from adjacent planes, in order to maintain the harmony and good relationship between all beings, the grandfather according to the times defines with the humans of the community specific points for fishing, planting and harvesting, grandfather says that people cannot be everywhere cutting down trees, hunting animals because they are very ancient ancestors and killing them implies that it remains due to nature; exploiting, removing, killing, taking advantage of generates an imbalance that over time is charged because the natural order of everything that exists is altered and for everything to regenerate implies a process that requires the healing of man to that extent the earth is regenerating , more and more beings are awakening, guardians of life, let's reproduce the message of caring for the home of those who come.

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