Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

"I have learned that the world wants to live on top of the mountain, without knowing that happiness is in the way of climbing the steep" Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

At four in the morning it is still too dark but you can feel the presence of the majestic being that awaits, I could feel its imposing greatness invade me, I was filled with deep respect and gratitude for the possibility of being there.

The mountains are sacred temples that have been desecrated by humans for a long time, we should have asked permission to walk through this temple and we are silent to feel its caress, a soft drizzle welcomes us, the journey will not be easy but the silence will make it more beautiful ... The search is inward and for this it is necessary to understand that the mind, body and spirit are connected with a very fine thread that can be strengthened as one advances, it is incredible what can be achieved when you have that clarity.

I understood that all of us who walked there were the reflection of the mountain and she was ours and that meeting was not a simple coincidence, there were things that each one, consciously or unconsciously, had to heal and the route would show it to each one . On the way inward I encountered fears and certain complexes that I carried since childhood, which I would surely not have spoken about if it had not been spoken if it were not about healing and accepting that this is a situation that can be reflected in my daily actions as woman and mother. The body is just a shell that allows us mobility in this physical plane and it cannot be downplayed for this reason, but it weighs a lot when we have to bear the opinion of an entire society that culturally for consumption and for a superficial whim of existence they introduced him to the idea of ​​a prototype of beauty so vain that those who do not fit into it are singled out, judged and even rejected in certain circles and I do not mean by this that my body is an impediment to my happiness or that I feel to disgust with him, but a certain physical fatigue brought me this reflection. The search is inward ...

After walking for a long time alone and delving into reflections that my internal universe welcomed, processed, transmuted and left sown on the mountain as part of the wisdom that inhabits it, I found myself in the company of other words and other reflections, at this point I reaffirmed that the mountain was giving me what I needed because I was not alone and had to share the strength that it gave me and I also found a very good vibe in others. We were able to witness all the temperatures and possible changes in the moor, in a moment the sun recharged all the bodies with its powerful energy, overflowing and very gratifying energy, the happiness of its effects could be felt; We continue walking and later with a collective feeling of being near the camp, some small drops of very cold water warn us of what will come next: the rain does not wait and is accompanied by hail that hits the head strongly, at this point the mind wants to be at the top, I am left alone with the hope that there is only one horseshoe to go to get there, but it is not like that, I just have to take out the energy reserve that the sun gave me and I say to myself: the next time you should keep walking, don't give up ”, and so I went up and down several times. It was still raining and as I advanced along the clearly marked path, the fog enclosed me in its white cloak and left my visibility barely half a meter around, I remained motionless looking towards where I thought the path was going, however I let out a scream hoping that whoever He was ahead he guided me with his voice, I immediately got an answer that came from the side, I hesitated for a moment and took a few steps towards that place, but I stopped because something inside me said that that was not the way so I took off the tent to listen better, I shouted again and again I heard the voice that told me "this way", at that moment a certain feeling of fear invaded me and I began to call almost desperately until the colleague who was ahead called me and as for magic art the path cleared again and I kept walking questioning what happened, where would I have come? What did the mountain want to show me? It is a mystery that she will keep to herself, but I thank my intuition, because it must not be easy to spend a cold night in the wilderness alone. Mountains speak and to listen to them you have to be attentive and concentrated, they are inhabited by magical beings full of mystery who also want to speak.

Reaching the top is the most refreshing hug that a mountain can give you. At four thousand eighty meters above sea level the air has another density, the earth another texture, the plants other forms and you can even feel that your emotional and spiritual weights become so light that the briefest breath can eliminate them and all this thanks that in the heights the mountain becomes a more sensitive and powerful being but at the same time it is as fragile and subtle as the smallest drop of dew. All you have to do is go into the mother's womb with all due respect, without vanity and with a question that yearns to be resolved, yes, the mountain has a particular way of answering because it does not offer you direct answers, although it is clear: it is you who must decipher the answer in the most insignificant manifestation, either in the coldest and brightest dawn or in the hottest, spiciest and most colorful sunset; each and every one of the experiences lived there may be the strongest signal of clarity for your search. Connect, breathe, feel, listen attentively and do not lose your center.

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