Native forests and life

Los bosques nativos y la vida

Compilation of data from the book La Finca Viva
Medellín Fraternity Foundation
Wade davis



We are a family of everything that sprouts, grows, matures, tires, dies and is reborn. Every child has many parents, uncles, brothers, grandparents. Grandparents are the mords and the hills. Children of the Earth and the Sun, watered by the female rains and the male rains, we are all relatives of the seeds, of the corn, of the rivers and of the foxes that howl announcing how the year is coming. Stones are related to snakes and lizards. Corn and beans, brothers to each other, grow together without sticking. Potatoes are daughters and mothers of those who plant them, because whoever creates is created. Everything is sacred, and so are we. Sometimes just little people. So they say, so they know, the indigenous people of the Andes ...

Eduardo galeano
Upside down. School world upside down.


Importance of native forests

Forests are places full of magic, where life appears at its best. They are home to thousands of species that share planet Earth with us, and although we do not know all of them, each of them is essential for the balance of life.

Insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, algae, fungi and bacteria, fulfill specific and essential functions in the web of life.

In forests, the largest and highest trees are raised to the top to benefit from the direct rays of the sun. The smaller plants take advantage of the large size of these trees to cling to their branches and trunks and be a little closer to the light; In the vicinity of the ground live other plants that have adapted to receive less sunlight, while at the base of the forest live a great diversity of plants, fungi and mosses that take advantage of the humidity of this site. Beneath the soil, where the roots of the plants are, there is a great collaborative network in which insects, worms and millions of microorganisms help in the decomposition of organic matter and make minerals available so that Life is possible in the surface of the Earth.

We must be aware of the importance of forests for the sustenance of all life on this beautiful blue planet. The millions of inhabitants of cities and fields depend to a great extent on them, because there we find medicines, food, different materials and fibers. Its plants regulate water and air, protect rivers and streams, enrich the soil, capture gases that heat the atmosphere, beautify the landscape and provide us with spaces to enjoy Nature. Forests help control the climate and are home to thousands of living things.

Knowing, protecting and understanding forests leads us towards a future full of hope for ourselves and future generations.

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