Author: Santiago @themountainchallenge

A month passed and I met the man of the jungle again, after the first approach many changes occurred in my life or rather I began to notice the constant change in life, the naturalness of the change amazed me, I felt something in my very clinging that he did not let the change flow or at least he believed, a very strong attachment to comfort, the man greeted me and the silence of the voices remained, a buzzing arose from deep inside, as if it were the wind, this generated in me a strong headache, a pressure that I had to release, He found out about my discomfort, offered me a drink, affirming with full confidence that this would help me, grateful I received the remedy, indeed the headache was disappearing with the bitter taste of the concoction, the man took from his backpack a vial with a shiny substance, licked this medicine like a jaguar grooming its claws, I asked him about the tobacco, his face immediately changed to an expression of full attention and said to me or: ":" Tobacco is a plant of the peoples of America, it is born in these lands and is known by the whole world, the tobacco grandfather is himself the voice of the very creator of life, he reminds us of the care of ourselves, the respect for mother earth. The peoples of America know about this plant because our grandparents come from it, our wisdom is written in tobacco, easy to understand for those who are open to listen " 

The man closed his eyes and meditated, I sat watching the surroundings and the man surprised me when he suddenly offered me to try his ancestral medicine, many expectations arose, I imagined grandparents talking, but I preferred to pay attention to my breathing and smear on my ambile tongue, a taste between sweet - bitter and a little salty, awakened the senses, a heat rose from my feet to my neck, I heard my heart clearly, the panorama became more lucid, it awakened more life to me around, aware of the existence in the physical body, he managed to hear the subtle message of tobacco; Deep respect for nature, feeling like a friend of the tree, the ant, the river, respect is fundamental to guarantee the healthy passing of life, natural balance, recognizing that the earth provides us with the basic thing to exist is to free ourselves from the fear of being free, now I began to understand why man referred to tobacco as the voice of the ancestors, the ancestors are us present caring, experiencing the miracle of life and the mystery of death, tobacco reminds us that we reap what we sow , the cycle of sowing, caring and feeding, gratitude! a relationship of deep respect is a coherent way of reconnecting with the sensitivity of mother earth.

Immense gratitude for the grandparents, guardians of the territories who continue with the tradition of tobacco, delivering the message of unity, brings all beings together to look inside and be aware of ourselves, of the planet we inhabit.

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