For children between 3 and 7 years old.
Activity designed by Casa Arco

This activity is designed to find new uses for materials that we already have at home and that, apparently, are garbage. The recycling process will be carried out through the search and recognition of materials that can be reused, such as old toys or parts of toys, plastic, cardboard or wood packaging that comes from food, hygiene or kitchen items. Using their imagination, children will turn these elements into toys to which they will give their own meaning, decorating them and giving them names or perhaps super powers.

Methodology: Waldorf rhythmic process accompanied by artistic activities.
First moment: Arrangement of space and invitation to children to play.
Second moment: Reading the story The Magic Box
Third moment: Follow up step by step.

Note: Before starting the game have on hand a box, jar or jar, reused, where we can put the elements that we are going to find, this It will be the treasure box in which Loli, the gnome of the story, will keep the elements that they identify (You can encourage the children to decorate the treasure box: paint it, put ribbons on it, mark it, give it the stamp and the color of each family)

  • Go through some spaces in the house with the children and identify elements that can be reused (boxes, bottles, fabrics, etc.) and put them in the Treasure Box. You can guide the tour by referring to the story The Magic Box to add magic to the moment: perhaps Loli, the gnome of things, is accompanying them.
  • Gather the found objects, hopefully objects without much information: boxes, fabrics, bottles, logs, tubes, parts of old toys ... that allow the creation of a new object or a group of objects with a life of their own.
  • Open the space so that, with your help, the child can paint and decorate the objects of their choice using their imagination. For example: a box can be turned into a house. A bottle, into a super hero. Let the children explore and make sense of each object.
  • Close the activity by naming the different toys that the children created and saving the items that they have not yet used in the Treasure Box.
  • The box must be kept and the story told for several consecutive days.

It is recommended to have a gathering space for the family that includes the following elements:

  • Establish a day and an hour for the activity, in order to generate expectation and rhythm in the child.
  • Define a comfortable place in the house, with good light and that we want it to represent that moment of family reunion and articulation. We can decorate it with the children and suggest that they bring items that are cute or special for them and for their parents or caregivers.
  • A lit candle in a safe place. (It represents the spirit of the moment and is associated with the light and warmth that we seek to impregnate in the soul of each one, giving it value and the connotation of a ritual moment.)
  • Define a maximum time for the activity, for children between 3 and 7 years old, it should be 30 minutes maximum. 


Listen to the story here 


Loli, the gnome of things, lives in the heart of a distant castle. The few who have seen him count that he is as tiny as a button; he moves quickly, he is silent, happy, and he is all dressed in red, his function is to maintain the balance of things in the forest and the house, and that is why in every house there is one.
One day Loli went for a walk around her house, her plan was to collect small valuables to create a small personal treasure. Everything got complicated when he began to find many things; fabrics, stuffed animals, shoes, toys, packaging, so much so that he did not remember when each thing had arrived at the house, or for what or to whom they were used.
Looking at this bunch of things, he thought none of it was cute or funny, he came to think how nice it would be to have something new ... something different. Sitting there he began to hear some little voices, he approached them with doubt, and if he could hear them ...
Very slowly and with curiosity he approached each object and looked at it carefully, did he take them in his hands and held them to his ear ... and yes! They could talk and he could hear them ... So he asked them where they came from? And what were they there for? ... many things were so forgotten that they no longer even knew their name, because something only exists if it is used. Loli decided to separate them by their functions, their colors or their memories.
He managed to divide them into two groups: those who remembered what they were there for, those who wanted to leave to be useful in another place, and some very young ones that he saw a special glow in them, a glow that connected with his heart and only he could. capture this particular light.
He kept the first group and placed them again in the space that corresponded to him at home, in a box that he called the boat of sharing, he packed those who would go to live a new story in another house, the delivery gnome would pass them on to whoever can enjoy them. The third group, the brightest and most mysterious, he took with great care and, blowing magic from close up, put them in his treasure box.
With great joy he left his house, walked through the forest and in his favorite place he opened his box, looked with tenderness at a small pointed and strong red triangle as his heart, a little piece of yellow cloth, cheerful and light as the morning breeze, a pebble from the garden, a small bottle of her magic lotion, the shoe of a doll that told great adventures, a boot of a brave plastic soldier, a stick that she found on a walk in the forest with her friends, at the end 12 objects that were full of life, for the story they could tell already seemed new to him. That afternoon he walked with his box and showed it to his friends, they opened it and played with it, each finding their own universe in there.
At the end of the afternoon, little Loli returned home with her treasure in her hand, happy because she knew that the magic box had the power to represent for each one the light of happy moments and to be able to recreate from what he is and has.
Her mission the following days would be to take the separated objects at home to their destination, Loli knew the importance of taking care of order, balance and nature
They say in the Far East ... that human beings do not need more than 100 objects to live, less is more quality of life.

Song: The story is over, the wind took it away, it stayed with you, it stayed with me.