We are O2 RESERVE, together with you and AMERICANINO we conserve Habitats!

For each client like You AMERICANINO contributes to the conservation of 1 m² our Forest reserve, giving nature space to create a balance from which abundant and diverse forms of life emerge.

En our blog We will tell you more about the impact you are creating by being a promoter of the conservation of 1m², in this you will find diverse information about life experiences of friends of this valuable community, people who have found in the Nature an inexhaustible source of resources applicable to their lives and that today from love they share it so that friends of the conscience like you can understand and appreciate every day more the importance of its conservation

The impact #ONEMETERMATTERS leads to which species of fauna and Flora that inhabit the O2 Reserve create a natural dynamic that allows insects, animals, plants, birds, fungi and many other forms of life to fulfill their natural cycles that lead to the conservation of their Habitat.   

We invite you to continue creating habits that result in the conservation of habitats and to share on our blog any experience that has contributed to your life through contact with the Nature

Stay together and together we will create a world where our habits keep us Nature, where love abounds and life emerges in freedom.