It is a place full of magic where life appears at its best, this ecosystem has the greatest diversity of insects, plants, birds and amphibians in the world.

Although it embraces 60% of the world's documented species, it only represents about 7% of the Earth's surface.


It is located in a place where resources abound, where wealth is shown in forms of life and nature feels free, this place is protected by the joint wills of consciousness, the energy of all living beings that inhabit it. gives the strength to protect and encourage their growth.

In the majestic Colombia is this tropical rainforest that has been bringing life to the Magdalena Medio region for thousands of years. In this place, we find the opportunity to start this project of consciousness, a sanctuary for countless forms of life, which provides a strategic position, since this reserve is located in one of the most critical points of the so-called Jaguar Corridor, a global initiative that seeks to connect vast areas of biodiversity in order to allow not only their existence, but also the good life of each of the beings that live there.


In these Forests, the roots extend above the surface to support large trees and help them obtain nutrients more efficiently, since the soils are poor and plant growth is only possible thanks to a network of fungi. connecting the trees. These have a vital function in the biogeochemical cycles of the soil, where they transform organic matter into nutrients available to plants.

Smaller plants, such as epiphytes and climbers, take advantage of the large size of these trees to cling to their branches and trunks, thus being a little closer to the light. other plants that have adapted to receive less sunlight live near the ground, including fungi, mosses and some plants such as heliconia and palms that take advantage of the humidity of the site to grow.


Its clear soils form corridors for fauna to move freely. Thus, each of the levels of the forest is unique and has its characteristic mark of particular species that give life to this Colombian ecosystem. It is precisely this stratification that creates a great diversity of environments that make possible the formidable diversity of life forms that the humid forests of the tropics give to the world.