Harmony comes when we give the table and everything around it, its place.

An immersion in our first home, nature, is our proposal. Mindfulness, yoga, cooking and cycles are found to be experienced through food, more than a way to prepare, serve and eat it, a way to re-connect with ourselves and with what inhabits us. That same life that floods our land, constantly surrenders and nourishes us.

Laura vanegas
Transpersonal psychologist · Certified in mindfulness · Yoga teacher. Life connects us with all living beings through food. Regardless of our type of diet, the life of another being continues by becoming part of us; Reason enough for the act of eating to be a celebration, which allows us to experience our body through the senses by being fully present.

Andreina Scremin
Cook and co-owner of Azai Natura. In love with honest cooking, which provides real flavors while respecting the essence of the ingredients. I believe in the small producer and in fair trade, that is why my raw materials are grown in small enclosures of respect and love for the environment to be transformed into dishes with the local and organic as the protagonist.

Carolina Ramirez
Chemical engineer · Moon mother. Death, with the sensation that it generates, reminds us of the complete Life-Death-Life cycles, highlighting the moments that we have been given to enjoy this Earth. Our body, as an instrument of exploration, allows us to travel through movement, pause, inhalation and exhalation in meditation spaces that allow us to integrate our experiences, make natural cycles our own and celebrate ourselves as part of the Universe.

Information and price

  • Date: on March 23, 2020
  • Time: 9: 30 am to 4: 00 pm
  • Location: Titania natural enclosure - Santa Elena, Vereda Perico
  • Value: $230.000


  • Snack.
  • Yoga
  • Tour in organic garden
  • Mindfulness
  • Conversation "The local and the organic"
  • Conversation "Sensory cuisine"
  • Lunch 4 times
  • Life-Death-Life cycles connection
  • Souvenir of your experience.
  • Insurance policy.

* Our experience is not masterful. The interventions stated as a discussion are experiential. The trip from Medellín to Santa Elena is not included.

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Experience of our participants

  • “In addition to having enjoyed every moment, the learnings are profound. They leave a seed in me that will surely bear fruit ”. -Diana-.
  •  "Thank you for teaching me to delight in the pleasures of life, for rooting me and connecting with the house where I come from" -Manuela-.
  •  “It is wonderful how they led us to discover a new world of sensations full of emotions and spirituality. Thank you for a different and special day ”. -Luz Maria-.


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  • O2 Reserve
  • Azai Nature
  • Bio Degradable
  • Essentially Pris doTERRA