Mother Nature has always surprised us, she gives us everything we need and more, every moment is magical, so take the time to observe and contemplate her wonders. Humanity has had the intelligence to decipher nature and take advantage of it, but it is time to reflect and think about how to take care of it. For interwaters the land has always been an inspiration and has given us color palettes and textures for our collections.
Today we are happy to present our new line loungewear with organic dyes, hand-dyed pieces with cabbage, clay or hibiscus flowers all natural elements in a sustainable art to wear. Make yourself at home, the earth is our home. LOUNGEWEAR DELIVERIES.



In partnership with O2 Reserve, we will help preserve 10.000  of tropical humid forest.

In the majestic Colombia there is this tropical humid forest that has been bringing life to the Middle Magdalena region for decades. In this place they found the opportunity to start this project, a sanctuary for an infinity of life forms, with a strategic position, since the reserve is located in one of the critical points of the so-called jaguar corridor, a global initiative that seeks to connect large areas of biodiversity in order to allow not only its existence, but also the quality of life of the beings that inhabit it.

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