In alliance with O2 RESERVE and together with you, we conserve habitats!
For each product of your purchase we protect 1 M² of tropical humid forest in Magdalena Medio.  

At MASK LAB we deeply believe that the role of companies goes beyond generating profits, we are convinced that companies exist to contribute to society. 

Why do we do it? 

We love animals, mountains, forests and seas. We are proud of the biodiversity of our country, and we are committed to contributing to its conservation. 

Where is the reserve? 

The reserve is located in one of the most critical points of the so-called Jaguar Corridor. 

This global initiative seeks to connect extensive areas of biodiversity in order to allow its existence and the good life of each of the beings that inhabit it.

How do we do it? 

We keep the metros in alliance with O2 RESERVE, an organization dedicated to the administration and protection of the tropical humid forest, initially located in the middle Colombian Magdalena.

Why does 1M matter²?

Our forests help us to: 

Generate climatic and atmospheric stabilization. 
They are home to thousands of species of fauna and flora. 
They produce the oxygen we breathe. 
They are important carbon sinks.
They allow interactions between species.
They are sources of biodiversity.