For MAWII Colombian territories have always been a source of pride and inspiration, nature, its perfect shapes, colors and textures have allowed us to create from them. Today we want to give back to the earth a small part of everything it gives us, contributing to the conservation of 1  of tropical humid forest for each product sold from the CONTACT collection.

The forest as inspiration

This time we decided to visit a place where its beings have a deep connection with each other through their roots; a space where el CONTACT is the essential basis of its existence. Living spaces that invite us with their silence to conectarnos with ourselves, the other and the environment to form a whole, because we are all one.

“The forest is an example of how balance works in nature. There is a physical connection between the species, a respectful relationship, a sharing. There is reciprocity in nature, nature gives and returns, there is a constant coming and going " 

How trees talk to each other, Suzanne Simard, ecologist.

With this collection we want to invite you to act as a community, always thinking that we are one and that each action we take has an effect on the whole.

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