Nature is one of my favorite places to meditate because of its plethora of sounds, smells, sights, colors, temperatures, and other stimuli on which I can focus my attention.

The tribe of mindful people who sought to integrate come together through meditation and mindfulness and many of our exercises are based on anchoring to the breath.

When I think of breathing, I inevitably think of fresh air and the forests that produce it and that is why I find it necessary to conserve places full of vitality and ancient wisdom.



One day, the path of __minded I come across O2 Reserve, a channel that allows me to add value to my services and products, resulting in a healthy and conserved habitat.

For me it is as if each kit of __minded it included and was tied to a specific square meter, full of peace, health and biodiversity, where the present abounds. This is why I join O2 Reserve because I want, like them, to conserve our environment!


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