On planet earth everything is connected, nature keeps a balance and a perfect balance so that in every part of the world things work in a harmonious way, it is a unit in which if something goes wrong, although in the farthest corner , everything just stops working.

En Life Notes We believe it is possible to rebuild the balance and harmony of the earth and bring life back to the planet that gave us life.

Today we are fortunate to say that each person who has our book in their hands "To my inner being: A tool for transformation" will be contributing to the conservation of the tropical humid forest that has been providing life to the Magdalena Medio region for decades, because in alliance with O2 Reserve we will help preserve 1.000 m² of this wonderful place.

To take part enter is located here and acquire the book that will serve as a guide so that you, the protagonist, create a much higher and more conscious connection with yourself and with life and integrate a series of keys that will help you to keep the four dimensions that compose you in harmony: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.