PHASE No 1: Environmental legal compliance and environmental support

In order to comply with Colombian environmental legislation, it is proposed to develop the following activities prior to the establishment of periodic environmental support (this phase is carried out only once to get to know the company and establish the environmental baseline):

  • Preparation of matrix of environmental requirements of the company 

  • Preparation of a matrix of environmental aspects and impacts of the company 

  • Formulation of applicable environmental program files 

  • Registration and completion of the Single Environmental Registry - RUA as established in Resolution 1023 of 2010. - if applicable. 

PHASE No 2: Periodic environmental support- Department of Environmental Management - DGA (Basic)

Professional support service within the Department of Environmental Management - DGA, understanding by DGA, the specialized area, within the organizational structure of companies at an industrial level responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of article 4 of Decree 1299 of 2008: "By which the Department of Environmental Management of companies at an industrial level is regulated and other provisions are issued." Through this service, the following objectives are established with the client: • Carry out a review of the current Environmental Regulations applicable to the specific conditions of the company. 

  • Maintain updated matrices of legal requirements and environmental aspects and impacts. 

  • Implement actions aimed at directing the environmental management of the company.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations. 

  • Prevent, minimize and control the generation of environmental impacts. 

  • Promote cleaner production practices and the rational use of natural resources.

  • Increase energy efficiency and the use of cleaner fuels. 

  • Protect and conserve natural resources. 

  • Train company staff on environmental issues. This service will include a minimum of one (1) monthly visit to the company and (1) follow-up management meeting, attention to general requirements made by the environmental authority. (Additional technical studies will be quoted with the cost that this entails) and the programming and execution of technical training according to the needs of the organization. It should be noted that the environmental legal breach in Colombia will give rise to the sanctions established in Law 1333 of July 21, 2009 "by which the environmental sanctioning procedure is established and other provisions are issued" that may include preventive measures and sanctions.