At Pangea we are aware, careful and we believe that nature is our mother, our home, we love everything that lives in it, we believe in the countryside, we love to sow, harvest and watch plants grow, we know that the earth is one, for that must be protected, loved, pampered and above all fed.
Our purpose is feed the earth and therefore, for each $ 100.000 of your purchases, we will conserve and protect together 2 m² of tropical humid forest in Magdalena Medio at one of the most critical points, called the "Jaguar Runner".
Although, with our activity (composting) we are naturally contributing to reduce the environmental impact, by recycling or giving a second life to organic waste that, if not composted, would be great pollutants and emitters of CO2 and methane gas into the atmosphere. , we decided to join this beautiful campaign because NEVER it will be of more to contribute to conserve and protect collectively the fauna, flora, water, soil and to return to the MOTHER EARTH a little of what he generously gives us.

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