If you have this bracelet in your hand and you got here, more than a product what you have in your hands is the symbol of your love and care for nature, it is a leaf that represents 10 m² of forest and life that from today, thanks to you, will be conserved in the 02 RESERVE forest reserve that is part of the JAGUAR's habitat and of innumerable forms of life !!!


THANK YOU for wanting and making a better future for our children!


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 We are inspired by the FUTURE and we believe that it is in our hands to write it. 

 Children are the future and for Pepita it is vitally important to work hand in hand with them to change the world

En Pepita & Me Children are the protagonists of all our creations, that is why we build stories that inspire and teach our children to be more empathetic with the world around them, leading them to understand and know the world through funny characters.
This time our characters are JACINTO & JARA, Two jaguars that need our help to conserve their habitat so that they can meet! With this collection Pepita and you are conserving 1000  of tropical humid forest in O2 Reserve, a natural reserve located in the Magdalena Medio Colombiano, this is part of the biological corridor of the Jaguar and is on the way to extinction due to deforestation, they need our help!

Let's educate and inspire through fashion, art and creativity!