En PRANA we value and We believe in magic and the power to connect with Earth and Intuition.
We believe that we are an important part of the earth, seeing our actions and thoughts reflected in it, this is why it is important for us to radiate consciousness through our doing.
We believe that, if we achieve the well-being of our body, soul and spirit, we will have better capacities to take care of the planet and thus contribute to the environmental balance.
We believe that by honoring our inner strength, our gifts, our desire to grow, and by respecting our environment; we will fluently walk the path of returning to simplicity, of serving and reconnecting with our essence for a common good.
We believe that, if each of us takes responsibility to love, respect and preserve all living beings, our collective vibration will rise and will be the best way to express the planet our gratitude. For this reason, in our path of gratitude and in alliance with O2 Reserve we want to reintegrate its benefits to the earth, contributing to the conservation of 2 m² of tropical humid forest for each product sold in our collection "Intuitive Earth".
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