You inspire us with your unique way of being a mother to contribute to the care and conservation of our humid tropical forests. Magical spaces that have been bringing life to the Magdalena Medio region for thousands of years. In this place, the contribution we make from Rada Cassab on your behalf will help conserve hectares of fauna as a sanctuary for countless forms of life in a unique ecosystem.
Rada Cassab, O2 Rerserve and you! we come together to positively impact everything that surrounds us, therefore, we continually develop sustainability strategies with the communities surrounding our reserve, generating added value and improving their living conditions.
We have approximately 500 people distributed in three villages, with whom we have been working on composting and waste management projects, thus avoiding practices such as burning, which can become harmful to people, the environment and nearby water sources. 
In addition, we rely on these communities for our conservation and reforestation processes, where they carry out activities such as: collection and sowing of native tree seeds, maintenance and planting of our seedlings (which in the future will be part of the reserve) and continuous monitoring of the Forest.

Thank you for being part of the Rada Cassab family and support the care of our planet.