It is located in a place where resources abound, where wealth is shown in forms of life and nature feels free, this place is protected by the joint wills of consciousness, the energy of all living beings that inhabit it. gives the strength to protect and encourage their growth.

In the majestic Colombia is this tropical rainforest that has been bringing life to the Magdalena Medio region for thousands of years. In this place, we find the opportunity to start this project of consciousness, a sanctuary for countless forms of life, which provides a strategic position, since this reserve is located in one of the most critical points of the so-called Jaguar Corridor, a global initiative that seeks to connect vast areas of biodiversity in order to allow not only their existence, but also the good life of each of the beings that live there.

(Are images they were the result of three months of camera traps in our reserve)


In accordance with the needs and characteristics of the areas to be protected, we decided that the ideal way is to tax the land as a Natural Reserve of the Civil Society. With this, the land is protected, and allows us to economically manage its meters, and establish different commercial and communication strategies with the public and private sectors. By doing this, we encourage the increase of fauna and flora; We generate an extra income to the owner of the land that is being conserved, in addition, we offer society the possibility of offsetting its environmental footprint through conservation. Thus achieving a circular commercial dynamic, which benefits natural persons, legal entities, communities and the state, since, with this, we comply with several sustainable development objectives.


At O2 Reserve, we seek to impact everything that surrounds us positively. Therefore, we continually develop sustainability strategies with the neighbor communities to our reserve, generating added value and improving their living conditions.

We have approximately 500 people distributed in three villages, with whom we have been working on composting and waste management projects, thus avoiding practices such as burning, which can become harmful to people, the environment and nearby water sources. 

In addition, we rely on these communities for our conservation and reforestation processes, where they carry out activities such as: collection and sowing of native tree seeds, maintenance and planting of our seedlings (which in the future will be part of the reserve) and continuous monitoring of the Forest.

Another of our objectives is the development of strategies and local production units, all through partnerships with the communities for the development of different products that can then be commercialized by our allied brands, thus together, bring development and well-being to the region.