Only 76 apartments, of 171 m2 with just the right size, not too large, not too small, beautiful, spacious and cared for down to the last detail that a family needs, whether it is a starting one, a large one or for grandparents who love receive his battalion of grandchildren.

And when we say all, it is all. We have created a series of amenities so that, regardless of age, all the inhabitants of Serranía de los Bosques can enjoy moments of fun, sports or relaxation.

We created a learning room for the little ones as an alternative to support their development, a Gamer Room for anyone who wants to release a little energy, a room that adapts to HomeWorking, open kitchen, or meeting place and obviously cannot missing the gym, squash court, swimming pools and Turkish.

On the outskirts of El Poblado, a new sector is growing, which is located in a safe environment protected by nature.
Los Bosques, going up Calle 10 and passing the CES University, you will find Serranía de los Bosques, a quiet place, close to everything you need and that calmly overlooks the city.