Green is
the new

At The Blue House today we take that first step towards change.

Inner green

We believe that life is a sequence of steps. It is enough to take the first one to start a path. But first, a pause. Deliberate, aware. A pause to breathe, to look at the sky, to connect with the essence. To see nature as a teacher, as a guide. And honor her. And take care of it. And protect her. Meter by meter. A pause to remember that home is our place in the world. In this world. A pause to appreciate what we have done and what we can do. To discover the strength of the subtle in small changes. To steer our course firmly, with courage, with determination. To accept the call of that infinite green, that inner green. We believe. This is our first step.

One step - one change - one world.
One step - one change - one world.

Your habits
they keep their

In alliance with O2 Reserve, your purchases will conserve m² of tropical rainforest in Magdalena Medio.

Why do we do it?

We make this contribution to the planet voluntarily, as a duty we have to do things well.
Becoming aware means accepting ourselves as part of the world and understanding the responsibility we have towards it.

Where is the reserve?

The reserve is located in one of the most critical points of the so-called “Jaguar Corridor”.
This global initiative seeks to connect extensive areas of biodiversity in order to allow not only their existence, but also the good life of each of the beings that inhabit it.

How do we do it?

We keep the metros in alliance with O2 RESERVE, a company dedicated to the administration and protection of the tropical humid forest, initially located in the middle Colombian Magdalena.

Learn about our sustainable actions

We use sustainable textiles with 100% recycled materials, composed of 50% recycled PET plastic bottles and 50% leftovers from packaging. We do not use chemicals or dyes since the color is given by the excess of the confection. Creating products such as decorative chairs, hammocks, cushions, blankets, placemats ... and much more in process.

Expanding our line of textiles Coltejer joined this path, HISTORY is a 100% natural Colombian cotton fabric + seed without cleaning, pre-bleaching and causticizing processes, this is what makes it super friendly with the environment, because it is raw, free of chemicals, natural color of cotton, the sizing or gum is soluble based on natural starches. Its social impact is huge.

We guarantee not only the legal obtaining of the wood that we use to manufacture our products, but the adequate control in transport and its final disposal, the above qualifies our supplier as a leading company in Medellín in sustainable environmental management.

We create unique pieces with the intervention of local artists using wood waste obtained in our workshop.

By collecting natural objects, captured on a piece of paper, a collection is created that dresses our dining tables of stories with single words through fabric stamping techniques.

Beings of our mother earth in origami technique created from environmentally friendly papers, replacing up to 40% of the wood pulp with the processing of organic product residues. These natural raw materials are saved from landfills and used to make these distinctive and vivid roles.

Products based on textile waste, nature-conscious solutions that create value for scraps and display the energy of renewable materials. We do this by making the most of local resources and recycling leftovers. In these applied design and manufacturing techniques, any leftover fabric can be converted into sustainable value to contribute to the world of today and tomorrow.

How not to think about the packaging processes of our products, if every day these materials are used to pack our products and be delivered to customers, It was for this reason that through an alliance with the Plastisol company, we developed an idea that gave rise to a stretch paper and biodegradable bubble paper, it is based on applying an enzymatic additive that adheres to the carbon chains of the plastic without affecting its properties Once the material comes into contact with a microbiologically active environment, the additive is activated and allows microorganisms to start feeding on the carbon chains of the plastic, converting it into biomass, water and gas. WE REDUCED THE TIME OF BIODEGRADATION FROM 3 TO 5 YEARS, THIS MATERIAL WILL NO LONGER BE ON OUR PLANET FOR ALMOST 500 YEARS.

The packaging processes are complemented using 100% recycled cardboard, recycling this is important because it reduces the number of trees that have to be cut down to make it. Since cardboard is made from cellulose obtained from trees, if cellulose can be recovered from unusable paper and cardboard, it can be reused in the manufacture of new ones, which will prevent the felling of many trees. In fact, to give us an idea, for every ton of paper and cardboard that is recycled, on average, 18 trees are cut down.