The world has taken an unexpected turn, we are working from home and we still don't know for how long. However, we are not going to sit idly by, today we want to be part of the solution and we believe that we can achieve it together with you.

We join this initiative to bring hope to the world, showing that in times of crisis, the best solution is to be together.

Through our platforms be able to give the opportunity to other people who want to help by buying markets HERE, which will be delivered the most vulnerable populations during this pandemic. To carry out this work we joined the corporation SHARED DREAMS.

The corporation SHARED DREAMS works with vulnerable populations that are being severely affected by the pandemic, some are:

  • Geriatric homes without resources.
  • Children's homes in passing.
  • Families without resources.
  • Sex workers in rehabilitation.

To learn more about the corporation SHARED DREAMS enter:


Let's do it together!

We want to have your support!