Adopta un Jaguar

Adopt a Jaguar

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If you symbolically adopt this species we will use the resources to:

  • Investigate the conservation status of the jaguar population that inhabits the reserve.
  • We will study how the populations of their prey are found in order to provide them with food resources through the planting of trees and shrubs of their favorite species.
  • We will connect isolated patches of forest through the creation of biological corridors through the planting of fast-growing trees.
  • We will study the crossing patterns of the jaguar on the roads to facilitate the passage through the construction of tunnels in sections with forest cover.

      It is the largest feline in America and the third largest in the world!

      Unlike other cats, jaguars are very good swimmers. They hunt fish, turtles and even alligators but have a preference for peccaries and chigüiros. It is a solitary and territorial species.  

      They have lost much of their habitat and are the object of indiscriminate hunting due to the complex human-feline relationship, for these reasons the jaguar is currently in a near threatened state according to IUCN.

      Es of the first species to disappear from habitats affected by human activities, which is why they serve as an early warning of the beginning of the process of biodiversity loss, but also as indicators of conservation management.

      Jaguars used to move across a wide territory from central Argentina to the southwestern United States, currently they have lost more than half of their territory. To work on its conservation it is necessary to protect its habitat, pOr generally they inhabit tropical forests, but they also live in savannas and grasslands. 

      • You will receive your adoption certificate by email.
      • If your species comes out in the collection of camera traps, select, we will send you photos or videos so that you can know the beings that you help protect.
      • Once the investigation of your species begins, we will send you newsletters with relevant information.
      • You can enter one of our masterclasses focused on environmental and conservation issues.