Adopta un Paujil

Adopt a Curassow

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If you symbolically adopt this species we will use the resources to:

  • Study the state of conservation of the populations of paujiles that inhabit the reserve, what is the minimum area suitable for these and the effect of forest fragmentation on this species.
  • Investigate their nutritional and habitat preferences, cWith this information, provide them with food resources by planting trees that produce their favorite fruits.
  • We will connect isolated patches of forest through the creation of biological corridors through the planting of fast-growing trees.

A bird on the brink of extinction that only exists in Colombia!

The paujil has lost about 88% of its habitat, according to the IUCN, its conservation is in a critical state (CR). They inhabit only wooded areas, from the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada to the middle basin of the Magdalena River.

Their habitat is in constant threat mainly due to deforestation associated with agricultural, livestock, mining, logging and colonization activities. In addition, it is a highly desired species by hunters.

They generally live alone or in pairs and they look for their food directly on the forest floor where they find insects, fruits and seeds. They are recognized for leaving the seeds intact, making them excellent dispersers, they actively participate in the planting of the forest. PMainly terrestrial, but they also climb trees to seek safety, perch and rest.

  • You will receive your adoption certificate by email.
  • If your species comes out in the collection of camera traps, select, we will send you photos or videos so that you can know the beings that you help protect.
  • Once the investigation of your species begins, we will send you newsletters with relevant information.
  • You can enter one of our masterclasses focused on environmental and conservation issues.