Adopta un Puma

Adopt a Cougar

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If you symbolically adopt this species we will use the resources to:

  • Investigate the state of conservation of the pumas population that inhabits the reserve.
  • We will study how the populations of their prey are found in order to provide them with food resources through the planting of trees and shrubs of their favorite species.
  • We will connect isolated patches of forest through the creation of biological corridors through the planting of fast-growing trees.
  • We will study the crossing patterns of the puma on the roads to facilitate the passage through the construction of tunnels in sections with forest cover.

The high adaptability of this species of feline has given it the position of the mammal with the widest distribution, you can find it from Canada to Argentina. However, it is estimated that it has become locally extinct in approximately 40% of its ancestral distribution. In Colombia they live from beaches and mangroves, through lowland forests to high Andean forests.

The puma feeds mostly on mammals, its preferences are related to the ecosystem in which it is found, for example, in the moors it prefers deer and coatis. 

Although their conservation status is of minor concern according to IUCN, habitat destruction and hunting have affected these cat populations. As it is a top predator, its conservation leads to the conservation of other species and its absence could trigger detrimental effects on the functioning of the forest and the rest of the animal and plant populations. 

  • You will receive your adoption certificate by email.
  • If your species comes out in the collection of camera traps, select, we will send you photos or videos so that you can know the beings that you help protect.
  • Once the investigation of your species begins, we will send you newsletters with relevant information.
  • You can enter one of our masterclasses focused on environmental and conservation issues.