Adopta un Venado Cola Blanca

Adopt a Whitetail Deer

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If you symbolically adopt this species we will use the resources to:

  • Investigate the conservation status of the deer population that inhabits the reserve.
  • Investigate their nutritional and habitat preferences, cWith this information, provide them with food resources by planting trees that produce their favorite fruits.
  • We will study the minimum size of forest that the deer population must have to guarantee resources, a home and sufficient shelter through restoration actions focused on increasing the habitat of this species.


It has a wide distribution in the continent, it is from the north of Argentina to Colombia. It is a truly ruminant species, that is to say, herbivorous; It feeds on leaves of trees and shrubs, also on fruits, fungi and sprouts of branches when there are no fruits and fallen flowers. 

Deer play a very important role in the forest, they are excellent seed dispersers and are food for top predators such as the jaguar and puma.

Its state of conservation is unknown due to insufficient data, so we want to develop an investigation that allows its preservation. The range of action of this species has been studied, females require 65 hectares and males 100 hectares. 

  • You will receive your adoption certificate by email.
  • If your species comes out in the collection of camera traps, select, we will send you photos or videos so that you can know the beings that you help protect.
  • Once the investigation of your species begins, we will send you newsletters with relevant information.
  • You can enter one of our masterclasses focused on environmental and conservation issues.